Our partners

Thanks to our various partners, we offer many additional services that will help you organize all your projects.


For more than 20 years, Instyprint has been producing and bringing to life the decorations of major brands and demanding customers.
In their vast workshop in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, their employees carry out all types of printing and decorations such as adhesives, posters, POS and many others.
From design to installation, their team will accompany you for your personalized window displays or store and showroom decorations.
Thanks to their expertise, they shape the singularity of each commercial identity.


The goal of What the Shop is to help companies better understand their consumers and improve their experience throughout the purchasing process through data analysis: frequency of visits, average time spent in the store, capture rate of your storefronts and 50 other metrics.
The brand also allows you to extract reports from your pop-up via an online personal dashboard.

The system they offer is composed of two boxes similar to wifi boxes.
Placed in your space, these are able to capture the behavior of your customers with an accuracy of one meter.


RealBox offers an exclusive service of photos and immersive tours which is based on Matterport technology.
Effectively, by combining the use of laser and photographic shots, the company manages to reconstruct in 3D in a very realistic any environment.

Their very complete process goes from the study of the space to the post-production in order to have a quality result.

Thanks to this collaboration, we can now offer you 3D tours of your spaces to enhance them as much as possible and so that customers can see themselves more easily.


Techsell specializes in the recruitment, training and ongoing coaching of your team.

The brand has dedicated a branch of its activity to pop-ups and corners. It can provide you with qualified HR support, inventory management and replenishment, merchandising, hospitality and sales in your pop-ups.