Foire Aux Questions

When can you start occupying the reserved ephemeral space?
For any other question, please contact us via our contact page.
What if the project is refused by the commercial space holder?
If your project is rejected, don't worry. Our teams will help you find the perfect new space for your project.
How do you know if your project has been accepted or rejected by the commercial space holder?
La Devanture's teams will contact you directly in all cases.
Is it possible to visit the premises on La Devanture?
If your reservation project is accepted by the owner, a visit of the place is then organized according to your availability.
What is the rental price?
Our rates are transparent, you pay the price displayed on the site for the rental. La Devanture does not take any additional commission. However, you will have to count on additional insurance fees if you are not already covered for ephemeral events.
What is the procedure to rent a place on La Devanture?
You can view all of La Devanture's available venues directly online on the site. Once you have chosen a venue for your event, it only takes a few minutes to make a reservation request. You will then be asked to describe your project in a few lines and it will be transmitted to the venue owners. La Devanture's teams will then contact you to inform you of the acceptance or rejection of your project. If your request is accepted, you will have the opportunity to visit the chosen location. If you are satisfied with the location, La Devanture's teams will draw up the rental contract. Finally, La Devanture's teams will help you to complete the other administrative steps related to the organization of your event, such as the subscription to an insurance for your event.
How much does it cost to use La Devanture?
Registering and publishing an ad on the site is free. La Devanture simply takes a 15% commission on the rents you generate through the site. La Devanture works for you and only earns when you earn.
How to modify or delete an ad?
If you wish to modify or delete your ad, please contact our team here with details of the changes you wish to make to your ad.
Will the tenants be insured during the rental period?
Yes, tenants will be well insured during the rental period. La Devanture asks tenants to provide proof of their insurance coverage. La Devanture has partnered with insurance companies and will assist tenants in their administrative procedures if they are not already insured for the organization of ephemeral events.
Is it possible to request a deposit?
Yes, you can require the tenant to pay a deposit. This request can be made to our teams when the rental contract is drawn up.
Who must pay the rental charges?
We recommend that you include the charges directly in the rent. However, these aspects can be discussed when creating the contract.
How is the rent paid?
The payment of the price, by the Hirer Client, is made by bank transfer to the benefit of the Advertiser Client at the conclusion of the order. The advertising Customer will then transfer the 15% commission to La Devanture.
Can I decline a project?
Of course, it is up to you to accept or reject the rental requests that are made to you. There is no cost to you to reject a request.
At what price can I offer a commercial space?
You can sublet all or part of the premises you are renting but only if you have the owner's agreement. Also remember to check which activities are authorized by your lease (except for the all-business clause) before validating the reservation request for a trademark.
I am currently renting my commercial space, can I sublet part of it?
You can sublet all or part of the premises you are renting but only if you have the owner's agreement. Also remember to check which activities are authorized by your lease (except for the all-business clause) before validating the reservation request for a trademark.
What is the procedure for hiring a venue?
Entrepreneurs and brands interested in your space will be invited to describe their projects in a few lines. These projects will be reviewed by our teams before being sent to you. You will then receive qualified and carefully screened booking requests by email. It is then up to you to decide whether or not to accept these booking requests. It does not cost you anything to reject a request. If you are happy with the rental request, La Devanture will then arrange a visit to your venue according to your availability. Our teams will then draw up the rental contract and check that the tenants are insured for their events.
How to publish an ad on La Devanture?
Posting a listing is very simple and only takes a few minutes. Simply click on the "list a location" link at the top right of the screen, create a session and fill out a form. Our teams will then publish a presentation of your business space. If you have any further questions please contact us at
Why use La Devanture?
La Devanture is an intuitive platform for booking commercial spaces. It offers space owners a complete marketing and sales service and allows its clients to : - Promote their spaces to a large audience: La Devanture has established contacts with several hundred entrepreneurs and brands. To propose your space, you just have to fill in the online form. Then, La Devanture takes care of everything (putting your ad online, marketing to our potential customers, etc...). Moreover, publishing an ad is free. - Receive qualified and carefully filtered requests: Our teams take care of filtering the requests received, manually. You are thus sure to be put in touch with quality brands and contractors. - Benefit from a legal support: La Devanture takes care of drafting the rental contracts. These can be adapted to your specific needs. - Save time thanks to our management tools and the assistance of our teams: We provide you with simple management and follow-up tools for your reservations. In case of problems, our teams are available to help you. - Gain more flexibility while maintaining total control: You can choose to rent all or part of your space, for periods ranging from one day to several months. You are free to accept or reject rental requests. It does not cost you anything to reject a request. La Devanture only pays if the rental project is accepted and successful. We take a 15% commission on the rents that property owners generate through the site. La Devanture works for you and only earns when you earn.
What types of events can be organized?
Any type of non-religious, non-political and/or trade union sales or exhibition event can be organized through La Devanture. These events include, for example, an ephemeral sale, a product launch, a fashion event, an art exhibition, a test phase of a new concept, etc... The events must not offend public decency and must not include the sale of products requiring an administrative authorization and/or license.
Who can rent a place?
All the world. Whether you are a professional or a private individual, we can help you find the ideal place to create your pop-up shop, organize your event or hold your exhibition...
What types of spaces are available on La Devanture?
Any space that can accommodate a sales event or an exhibition can be proposed on La Devanture. We offer complete spaces as well as booths forming subparts of larger spaces (stores, restaurants or shopping malls). The spaces that can be listed on La Devanture include for example spaces left vacant between two commercial leases, spaces dedicated to ephemeral rentals, art galleries, showrooms as well as corners / stands within already partially exploited spaces.
What is an ephemeral commercial space or "pop-up shop"?
A pop-up store is a point of sale open for a short period of time, from one day to a few months. Pop-up shops allow to create the event and to arouse the interest of the public. They are an ideal means of communication for the launch of a product or a new concept.
How does La Devanture work?
La Devanture is a revolutionary ephemeral space rental platform. La Devanture connects commercial space owners with brands, artists and entrepreneurs looking for short term spaces. La Devanture : - Offers commercial space owners the means to generate additional income by offering all (or part) of their spaces for rent - allows brands, artists and entrepreneurs to more easily find ephemeral spaces for the organization of their events.